Hamilton C shell 2010 Demo

Hamilton C shell 2010 Demo 4.1

Hamilton C shell is a language for interactively using Windows

Hamilton C shell is a language for interactively using Windows. Compared to the standard Command Prompt, it provides a vocabulary and grammar that allows much more complex activities to be described.
The demo version of Hamilton C shell is fully functional but crippled so that you may type only ten commands at the command line before it’ll force you to exit and restart the demo. But each of the ten commands can be anything you like, including commands to run multi-thousand-line scripts, read or write multi-gigabyte TAR tapes, etc. Also, you’ll see some nagware messages at startup that, obviously, are not present in the full product. All the utilities are included and all of them are fully functional but crippled so they’ll run only when invoked from the demo version of the C shell. (In the product, they can be started from any other process.)

Our intent, with the demo version, is to provide you a means to fully test out the functionality and performance before you buy. If we say the product is fast, you should be able to test that claim. If we say the TAR utility can read or write tapes on your DAT drive, you should be able see it work.

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